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A television report by Lollipop


A pair of journalists leads us into the abode of a great master of painting. They wait in the garden to await the arrival of artist analyzing the layout of her garden and flowers. Suddenly, in the field of the camera, a pretty brunette appears. The journalists will interview him and find it bump here, but dreamed of doing TV. She knows who the fuck is the best way and does not miss the boat. So she trying to pump the shaft of the reporter, surprised and delighted in the garden and the house. Both say it is super good, with her little skirt slut and her big natural breasts. The reporter starts to lick her pussy, small pussy soft and shiny … A treat! The beautiful black-haired moaned gently lapped each type, which is prepared by sticking finger. Once the cat is fully open, it takes the bitch and impaled on his cock. If she wants to enter the job requires and deserves it, believe me, he will give her a job interview and tighter.

Date: April 24, 2020

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